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Their Needs

SING identified their main needs as:

  1. reinforcing the sustainability of the organisation.
  2. promoting interests to encourage the older population to engage in social activity.

Key O. B. Activities

SING was formed by local residents to provide help and support, and look after the interests of the general community of Seaforth. It operates a modern community/resource centre to the north of the area and shop premises in the heart of Seaforth village.

Prospice 21 has been involved with SING giving advice and assistance to promote sustainability of its organisation and to promote further interests in which the elderly in particular can become involved.

With our support they have been able to upgrade their shop to provide a meeting place for the elderly to engage in social activity or just to enjoy some companionship, and thus bring them out of possible isolation and back into the community.

These premises also provide a resource facility whereby the local community can find, or be guided to, expert advice on everyday matters that may be of concern to them.

The upgrade of the shop now makes the community aware of the existence of SING and what it does. It also acts as a signpost to the SING PLUS centre which lies on the periphery of the town.

The much larger and modern resource centre is used by various organisations for seminars, tutorials, training, functions and activity classes. It also has a creche and provides a safe haven for children during school holidays etc.

Prospice 21 has submitted ideas to increase the usage of this building and is involved in promoting interaction with other community groups. We have also been active in acquiring trades to carry out items of building maintenance.

As the management introduce further activity classes we shall assist by promoting them in the local media through the contacts that we have established and also pursue grant opportunities that may be relevant to the proposals





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