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Netherton Children’s Centre

Main targets are

  • Children under five
  • Getting them ready for school, e.g. able to sit in a classroom, avoiding violence
  • Factors such as obesity, breastfeeding.
  • Therefore, the real targets are the parents.
  • The centre’s catchment area includes 1250 children under five: target 85% to register with the Centre.
  • Access to parents based on referrals (health service, agencies) but also including Centre staff “door-knocking”.
  • Go out to missing children, have contact offerings such as “five-a-day fruit bags.
  • Linked to schools (St Oswald, St Benedict, Grange, Holy Spirit, Our Lady of Walsingham).
  • Footfall is 700 visits per week.
  • “Triple P” programme to accredit parents.  

Do well:

  • Help, make parents choose a different path (signposting, hand-holding through the muddle, professional advice, such as on housing, and links to CAB, relationships, boundaries, parents being truthful)
  • Treat parents with respect
  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Interpret to parents what statutory services have to do
  • Enabling families to take responsibility for themselves o Value for money (crisis prevention, saving other agencies’ costs)
  • Multi-agency working

Do poorly

  • Stretched due to lack of resources
  • The centre itself is not the right place for some need to get out more
  • Conflicts between real outputs versus tick-list num targets
  • Responding to changes in legislation
  • Could do with wider/more skills (legal, mediation, cookery, anger management, credit union).  

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