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Target audiences

  • Homeless men
  • With issues of drug/alcohol abuse and ex offenders 
  • 18 to 59 years old (above 59 come services for under and the elderly)
  • Moving residents into independent living funding) but tend be from Bootle
  • Residents from anywhere in the country  (subject to funding)
  • Residents selected based on referrals
  • Most currently have drug or alcohol issues
  • Men only, as mixed accommodation would not be appropriate
  • 13 in the main Bosco building 10 in Bosco flats locally
  • Note: 1600 registered drug users in Sefton
  • Fills part of housing gap which the Drug Treatment Agency does not address
  • Opened in 1983.

Do well

  • Provide security to residents (roof over head, comfortable environment)
  • Give people a sense of their value
  • Build trust of residents, then deliver a support plan, including a social plan (most people fail independent living due to isolation)
  • Develop a sense of responsibility to community (drug users often quite selfish)
  • Closing the revolving door people used to be too on Bosco, but now more become independent dependent
  • Typically enable independence after two years (eight to ten months with high support, then eight to ten months in flats)
  • Let people be who they are
  • But build ways out of homelessness through education, self-esteem, how to manage independence, employment
  • Bringing other organisations into Bosco to wonk with residents budgeting .g. health and
  • Individual programmes, including compulsory eg. health and safety, food hygiene (IT, art, CV writing)
  • Activities include canoeing, trips: trying to start cycling.  

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