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Bootle YMCA

Target population served:

  • 200 people currently
  • Scouts, cubs, beavers
  • Senior citizens
  • Martial arts
  • 3 table tennis teams
  • Monday night quiz league
  • Bar quiz
  • Ladies “knitwits” for ante-natal childrens’ outfits
  • Three groups of Royal Order of Buffaloes

Do well:

  • Look after youth activities (beaver/clubs thriving, scouts biggest in Sefton, Venture scouts increasing, senior scouts help with youth
  • Senior citizens (social clubs three nights a week, 30 to 35 attendees
  • Users willing to contribute

Do poorly

  • Use of YMCA umbrella
  • Constitution out of date
  • Charging groups for usage

Top issues

  • Keep the place open
  • Pay the bills (costs £14,000 per year)
  • Replace funding, so as to support part time/full time manager to increase opening times and usage
  • Option to relocate to different building
  • Like to reach groups in-between youth and senior citizens Decorate the place
  • Get outside the building (signage, more acceptable appearance)
  • Create drop-in (e.g. libraries closing, provide computer access for a centre so people claiming benefits).

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