Our Objectives

To rejuvenate Bootle, so that by the end of ten years it falls within the upper half of all equivalent-sized towns in the UK, in terms of factors such as economy, quality of life and sustainable future. The project should lead to Bootle’s achieving upper quartile status in these terms, and be recognised as such by Bootle residents, and nationally and internationally.


Prospice 21 has begun two major business intiatives and a number of support activities with Community Groups already serving Bootle.

The two business projects are described in further detail on their own pages. The first is the ‘Logistics’ project to help bring more jobs to Bootle in support of the success of Liverpool2. The second is the ‘Docklands Trail’ which is creating a tourist trail along the historic and current dock waterfront, from the Waterloo Dock to the Seaforth Container Port.

What is Prospice 21?

Prospice 21 began in April 2012. It arose from one simple idea from its founder who had been born and educated in Bootle – how to give back to the town which had given him and so many others such a good start.

The core of the original idea was to connect similarly-minded ex-students of the old Bootle Grammar School to this mission. The Old Bootleians from the Grammar School have a wide range of careers and experiences which are the valuable input to the regeneration of Bootle. Their shared wish also to give back to their hometown gives Prospice 21 its energy and commotment.

The initial core of Old Bootleians has extended to include many others of the like commitment to give their time and expertise towards helping Bootle’s regeneration.


Harvey Dodgson – Founder [View profile]
Frank Mahon – Communications Director
Neville Black – Community Liaison [View profile]
John Birchall – Legal Advisor
Les Ellis – Building Advisor
Bill Morrison – Health and Safety Advisor


Our Partners

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